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Accelerated Reader Program


               Accelerated Reader (AR) is a national program operated by the Renaissance Learning Company.  Students read books and then take a comprehension quiz on-line.  The program records how well they do on individual tests and tracks their progress throughout their enrollment in the program.  Books are assigned a point value depending on the length of the book, the reading level of the book and the depth of comprehension required to understand the book. 

                At United in Christ Lutheran School we understand how important it is for students to read independently.  By becoming better readers, students are set on a path toward success in whatever they do in life.  Books also spark the imagination, vital to the creativity of students as they strive to solve real-world problems.

                Because of our high support and high expectations in the area of reading, United in Christ uses a variety of incentives to encourage children to read through the AR program.  We maintain a AR wall where students are recognized for certain levels of achievement.  Each teacher sets quarterly goals for every student and tracks them in their classrooms.  We also have an area in the hallway designated to recognizing students who have achieved their quarterly goal.  We participate in an annual National Accelerated Reader Challenge with other Lutheran schools in which every student in the school works hard to accomplish a school-wide goal.  And at the end of the school year, we also reward students who have successfully met their annual goals with an incentive party.

                All of these incentives are hard work.  However, knowing that a child is off on the road to success because of their increased reading ability makes it well-worth every minute of our staff’s time.

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