United in Christ
Lutheran School



A Note from the Principal...

As part of my undergraduate degree, I took several Art History classes. I enjoyed them immensely, especially watching the progression of art over thousands of years and realizing how it so closely related to the culture of the time.

There is one thing I appreciate even more than viewing the works of the Masters. That is viewing art work done by children. I love the colors they use, the freedom with which they design their works and the smiles art brings to their faces. It is truly one of my blessings that I get to work with our students each week creating a work of art.

It is unfortunate in this day of state-testing, technology, and language communications, that so many children have fewer and fewer means of  expressing their creativity. I so love that UCLS still encourages children to use different parts of their brain, so that their creative juices continue to flow abundantly. Take some time to look at the art work hanging in our hallways. Each child is represented, which only makes sense, because each child has something to share with us.